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Radiator Fans
We are exporting quality radiator fans for clients across the global markets. These products have superior quality fins that provide in them unmatched performance. We also test our products for their tolerance, heat resistance, dimensional stability and various other features before sending them at clients end. The ample number of products we offer include :
1) Plastic Radiator Fans:-
Plastic Radiator Fans
Item Code: TC-Cummins-20

The plastic radiator fans (TC Cummins 20'') is a cooling fans that comes ball bearing. These plastic radiator fans are specially made for Cummins company. We make sure that each radiator fans is made as per the specific dimensions that provide it flawless functioning and longer life.

2) Auto Radiator Fan:-

We offer a range of auto radiator fan, which are perfect to be used in Tata cars as well as in Mercedes models. These auto radiator fans have thin fins that provide superior cooling effect in the car. Our range of auto radiator fans are available at the most competitive prices to customers.

Auto Radiator Fan
3) Electric Radiator Fan:-
Electric Radiator Fan
Item Code: T.C-Cummins-Viscus-Model-20

We provide a range of electric radiator fan for TC Cummins viscus model 20'', which provide superior cooling of the radiators. These electric radiator fans are coupled directly to the engine in order to provide a better cooling effect. We make sure that the electric radiator fan has 20'' blades so that it can be easily fitted to the engine.

4) Car Radiator Fan:-
Item Code: Hyundai-Model

The car radiator fan for Hyundai model is a kind of heat exchanger that is used for lowering down the heating effect in the engine of car. These car radiator fans are made in standard size so that they fit well into any Hyndai car. The range of product is offered at the most reasonable prices to our clients.

Car Radiator Fan

5) Radiator Cooling Fan
Radiator Cooling Fan
Item Code: Canter-Mitsubishi

We offer radiator cooling fan for Canter Mitsubishi cars. These radiators cooling fan have thin blade that provide them superior cooling effect. Our range of product is tested for its dimensional stability, torque withstanding capacity, longitivity and various other features before it is sent to our clients.


6) Automotive Radiator Fan:-
Item Code: CAR-Sigment-Model

By making use of advanced technology, a wide range of automotive radiator fan for Car segment model. These automotive radiator fans are also tested on certain quality parameters before they are sent at the customer's end. We make sure that the product is delivered in shortest time period to our clients.

Radiator Fan
7) Automobile Radiator Fan:-
 Radiator Fan
Item Code: Tata-Indigo-Model

We offer automobile radiator fan for Tata Indigo Model. These automobile radiator fans comes in specific sizes, which fits well and provide superior cooling to the engine. Our products are known for their superb quality, amazing cooling effects as well as longer life. The range is offered at the most reasonable prices to our customers.


8) Auto Radiator Cooling Fan:-
Item Code: Tata-Model

The auto radiator cooling fan for Tata Model help is preventing the car engine for over heating. The fins of the radiator fans are made from superior quality raw material that provide them better cooling effect. Our range of products is available in standard size to clients at reasonable prices.

Auto Radiator 
Cooling Fan

9) Engine Radiator Fan:-
Engine Radiator Fan
Item Code: Toyota-Model

The premium quality engine radiator fan for Toyota model removes extra heat from the engine and prevent it from getting damaged. Along with this, this also helps in increasing the performance level of the engines. The engine radiator fans are available in four or more than four fans depending on the size of the model where they are used.


10) Tractor Radiator Fans:-
Item Code: Tractor-Model

With our expertise in the industry, a wide range of tractor radiator fans for tractor. These tractor radiator fans are supplied as well as exported to a large number of clients in domestic and international markets. Our range of tractor radiator fan is also checked on certain quality parameters to deliver flawless performance at customer's end.

Radiator Fans
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