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Pendent Control Switches

2 Way Pendant 4 Way Pendant 2 Way + ES Pendant
8 Way Pendant 10 Way Pendant  

Type Length Breadth Thickness Specification
4-Way 435mm 80mm 62mm  
2-Way 370mm 80mm 62mm Standard Switches
with Emergency Switch
310mm 60mm 65mm Standard Switches
8-Way 420mm 75mm 60mm Standard Switches
10-Way 310mm 120mm 68mm Standard Switches

  1. An Emergency Stop button as a safety measure.
  2. Mechanical Interlock facilitates only one switch activation while other gets locked.
  3. Double Speed operations for push buttons.
  4. Exclusively designed for improved performance.
  5. No sharp edges to facilitate repeated operations without fatigue to operator.
  6. Impact resistant engineering plastic material for enclosures.
  7. No Hazardous shocks due to non conductive enclosures. Standard switches with 1 normally closed (NC) and 1 normally open (NO) for 1 button.
  8. An elastic & chemically resistant gasket between two enclosure halves ensures dust & waterproof enclosure.
  9. Ample enclosure space for switch wiring.
  10. Cable cone to facilitate cables.
  11. Easy to read button functions.
  12. Provision of hook to hang metal chain which avoids tension on cable.